Monday, March 26, 2012

Goals for the week of March 26th

This Week's Goals
  1. Get around 2 shower gifts
  2. Make our mom's birthday gift...wonder what this is our mommas?
  3. Run twice
  4. Print resumes
  5. Clean up ladybugs in our house
  6. Get some plans together for a Dave Ramsey class
  7. Make a bracelet

Last Week's Goals

  1. Print off birthday postcards
  2. Update resume
  3. Finish listening to Money Saving Mom's audio book
  4. Buy seeds
  5. Get around 3 birthday and 2 shower gifts
  6. Finish onesies
  7. Run twice
What are some goals that you have this week, or what did you accomplish from last week?


    1. This momma wonders what you are making! What about the other momma since she has to wait 2 more days after me to find out!!

    2. Maybe we will have to stash yours so that you don't leak any info to the other momma!

    3. Haven't heard "get around" in quite some time!

      1. Oh the days of getting made fun of for saying "get around."


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