Monday, March 19, 2012

Goals for the week of March 19th

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So, I have to admit, that I finished a few things today before I would post this entry. Talk about procrastination...

This Week's Goals
  1. Print off birthday postcards
  2. Update resume
  3. Finish listening to Money Saving Mom's audio book
  4. Buy seeds
  5. Get around 3 birthday and 2 shower gifts
  6. Finish onesies
  7. Run twice...I will accomplish this one this week...
Last Week's Goals
  1. Design and print out a youth group profile form.
  2. Run two times- I only accomplished once...
  3. Get together all the supplies for the youth group activity
  4. Make a camera case
  5. Blog about Already Gone
  6. Paint toe nails
  7. List printer online

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