Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do We Have to Understand to Obey?

I find it very easy to obey when I understand why I am asked to do something. I don't have such an easy time when I just don't get why I am being asked to do something.

I was reading through part of Joshua tonight and found the Israelites obedience quite intriguing.

The first part that amazed me was the walking around walls of Jericho...without talking. I would be thinking, what is this going to accomplish? But they managed to do the assigned task. And the city walls fell down! (Joshua 6)
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They had just seen this huge feat of what happens when they obey, and they turn around and one of them takes part of the spoil from the city. Direct orders were given not to take anything. I am just amazed that this same person would have just walked around the city for seven days without talking. (Joshua 7) Ever been there where you are on a spiritual high just to slip and fall?

They then turn around and God tells them to go and overtake another city Ai. They lay an ambush on the city. What a fun story! I can just picture acting this out with the little guys! They took over the city and were able to keep the spoils from this city. (Joshua 8) They obeyed once again and the benefits were great even though the task was hard.

Am I willing to obey when I don't think what I am asked to do is the best option out there?

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