Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Selling Textbooks Online

When I got married, I gained this pile of textbooks. My husband probably wonders about some of the things that I brought into our marriage :)

I enjoy getting to sell stuff that is not needed any more. There is just something about it. So, when my husband said that he would let me sell his stack of textbooks, I took on the challenge. I didn't really want to list them somewhere to have to wait for them to sell, so I turned to Amazon trade-in.

Amazon was very easy to use. You just have to enter the ISBN number and they will tell you how much they will give you for the book. Once you have all the books that you want to sell them, you box up the books. They pay the postage. The only downfall is that you get amazon credit and not actual cash. We are already talking about what we can use our credit for.

Not all the books were worth trade in on Amazon, so I sold a few on Bookbyte. This website works similar to Amazon, but you can either get a check or have the money put in your paypal account. I personally didn't think this website gave as much money, but it accepted a few books that amazon didn't.

The picture above are the boxes of books that I need to take to the post office. You can read about that experience here. The bad thing...that first are books that were not accepted on amazon or bookbyte. I am curious if any of you know of any good places to sell textbooks? 

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